Sitemap - 2021 - Zero Day

When Russia Helped the U.S. Nab Cybercriminals

The Israeli Intelligence Community’s Long History of Targeted Killings

Sidechannel Interview with Ronen Bergman - Live Oct. 13, 1pm PT/4pm ET

Controversial Maricopa "Audit" Concludes that Biden Won by More Votes Than Previously Reported

Former NSA Hacker Describes Being Recruited for UAE Spy Program

Hacking Team Customer in Turkey Was Arrested for Spying on Police Colleagues [or: The Spy Story That Spun a Tangled Web]

Timeline for Hacking Team Story

Hackers Leak Surveillance Camera Videos Purportedly Taken From Inside Iran's Evin Prison

Pegasus Spyware: How It Works and What It Collects

The NSO “Surveillance List”: What It Is and Isn’t

Justice Department Sought Reporter Records from Security Firm Proofpoint, in Bid to Unmask Leak Sources

Voting’s Hash Problem: When the System for Verifying the Integrity of Voting Software Lacks Integrity Itself

Negotiating Ransoms: When to Play and When to Fold

Checking in

Darkside Retreats to the Dark

Anatomy of a $2 Million Darkside Ransomware Breach

What Happens in Maricopa Won’t Stay in Maricopa

US Gov Issues Emergency Order While Colonial Pipeline Is Down

Ransomware Infection on Colonial Pipeline Shows Potential for Worse Gas Disruption

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Recording now Available: Live Chat with Alex Stamos/Chris Krebs on Sidechannel, Friday April 30, 11am PST/2pm EST

Research Uncovers New Command Servers Used in SolarWinds Campaign

Sanctioned Firm Accused of Helping Russian Intelligence Was Part of Microsoft’s Early Vuln Access Program — MAPP

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Going Nuclear

Sabotage at Iranian Nuclear Plant Was Likely Meant to Permanently Damage Centrifuges

AP Says It Experienced Unprecedented Cyber "Attacks" During 2020 Election

Mind the Gap: How the NSA might use SolarWinds campaign to do warrantless spying

Delay due to Emergency

Government Monitoring Won't Stop the Next SolarWinds Campaign, Experts Say

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